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Bangkok Business Alliance

 Established in 2005

BBA was established in 2005 by experts who worked in government and private sector about laws, businesses, accounting and taxing  to assist foreign business in Thailand especially Small and Medium Enterprise (SME).


If you are getting problem with  complicated regulations and laws here, BBA could assist and guide you to arrange the problems properly without intervention of  a red tap process or lawyer.

Bangkok Business Alliance

Our Vision

" To be a specialist in small and medium business services "


Pol.Col.Tassanai Orarigdech

Partner specialist in laws

- A former Special Expert interrogator of Crime Suppression

   Division, Royal Thai Police Department

- Former Special Expert interrogator of Counter Corruption

   Division, Royal Thai Police Department

- A former officer of Anti-Money Laundering Officer (Thailand)

- A former officer of Narcotics and Control Board (Thailand)

- Specialist in laws related to Criminal, Immigration, Anti-Money

   Laundering, Land and Construction, Company and partners,    

   Business License and Tax

Email :    Tel: +66 85 0888000

Our Associates

Leave your frustrated works

to professional "

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